Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Snow in the Coffee Fields


Can you picture how beautiful is to wake up and have every coffee plant that surrounds the area where you live with fragrant flowers? This is how we open our eyes in Poas Region, Doka Estate during April every year.
 The coffee blossoming is just the beginning of the new born coffee bean and the flower only lasts a couple of days.
How this happens? After an intense sunny season as January, February and March in Costa Rica plus a concentrated rain during the end of March beginning of April, the field will bloom after 12 days and the will be as if slightly snowed in our coffee fields, because all the green will be embellish with a white mantle.
The new born coffee bean will feed and grow for 8 to 9 months until ripens to become a red coffee cherry ready to be harvested and process, and be turned in what we know as green coffee beans ready to be export and roasted by careful hands.
If you had the opportunity to be in Costa Rica while this event happed please  Tag your photo with us given a short description of your impression.
Enjoy a Doka Estate Cup of Coffee. Welcome to Costa Rica.


Unknown said...

Please if you had the opportunity to be in Costa Rica while this event happed please Tag your photo with us ( Doka Estate Gourmet Coffee) giving a short description of your impression.

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