Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cold Brewed Iced Coffee

Being in Costa Rica we almost never get hotter than 33 or 36 degrees (91 to 97 °F) maybe at the beach; but when you cross the Tropics you can get a really cold or hot weather.

It’s during summer when we get to be very clever in new ways to drink your daily coffee.

Reviewing some of the best recipes we would like to give you some tips for your ICED COFFEE:

Place in a pitcher the water with the ground coffee and leave it rest for 12 hours or overnight. After this time strain the coffee into a glass bottle or a pitcher. This is a strong mix. Hold it at the refrigerator and when you want to drink mix equal parts of the coffee with water and ice. To sweet it, prepare a simple syrup (warm half of sugar and water). Try it different with a little bit of milk now and then.

Also you can prepare your own coffee iced cubes to bring more coffee flavor to any summertime drink creation.

Some natural flavors go perfectly with coffee as vanilla and caramel syrups.


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