Wednesday, September 14, 2011



Peaberry is really a special bean and it can be found in every coffee plant, but at Doka Estate we sort all the beans to find the best Peaberry, then is craft roasted and we send them to you.

How it happens?

During the pollination of the flower usually each cherry develops 2 seeds, where for their positions one side is flat and the other rounded, but when only fertilize one its where the magic stars because it gives space for one bean to concentrate de flavor of two, and the shape changes as oval similar to a pea one of the most distinguish characteristics: a round coffee seed

What you will find in Doka Estate Peaberry cup?

Roast:   Medium
Aroma: Lively and intense
Acidity: bright
Body: medium
Flavor: sweet with lime notes

We encourage you to enjoy the sweetest notes of this particular coffee every day.

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