Monday, January 23, 2012

Butterfly Coffee Garden

At Doka Estate Butterfly Coffee Garden we have 11 different species of butterflies as the Blue Morpho Butterfly, one of the most attractive in Costa Rica

When you visit Doka Estate Coffee Tour you will enjoy in a colorful garden with 2 levels one you will walk inside our garden, plants and butterflies, you will find small rivers coming through and if you go on the side will have a upper view of the gorgeous surroundings inside the garden as the coffee plantation.

Since a butterfly farm works towards minimizing the risks to a butterfly throughout the different stages of its life cycle, the survival rate can be brought up to as high as 90% in the farm.

At Doka Estate you will find 2 of the 11 species of butterflies we carried are breeding: the Blue Morpho and the Caligo know as the Owl Butterfly. Let us tell you more about this 2 amazing species.

The Neotropical Morpho Butterflies have metallic colors, with flashes of blue and green and the ventral side is brown. The eggs hatches into larvae are pale green with a drop of dew. They have reddish-brown body with bright lime green spots or yellow dorsal hand, the larvae molt four or six times before entering the pupal stage and adults live for about two or three weeks.

The other specie we want you to learn is Caligo known as Owl Butterfly, which stands out as a moth as well for their size. The larvae grow up to 15 cm long, almost 6 inches, and adults can exceed 20cm (around 8 inches). It´s common name comes from the large eyespots on the back of the wings, which seems like big eyes as an example of defense mechanisim.

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