Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Doka Estate Coffee Tour accomplished a 4th level of Sustainable Tourism Certification (CST)

Doka Estate is a coffee farm compromised with their social and environmental programs. Our people believe production is not a working goal if in the process animals, plants and people are affected in a negative way. According to that, Doka Estate managers has created a sustainability group that is working hand by hand preserving nature, growing coffee based in good agriculture practices and ensuring good working conditions to their collaborators.  

Doka Estate Coffee Tour has the social responsibility of teaching their workers in topics like sustainability, adequate cropping practices and encouraging their collaborators to reach a personal development. An example of this effort is the compromised of Doka in children education. Each year, all collaborators’ children receive notebooks, pencils and cloths that are going to use in the school; and their parents do not have to take money from their salaries to buy these articles.  

Doka Estate also develops practices to contribute with preservation of environment. All water resources are protected with native plants of Costa Rica; with the purpose of protect the interaction of wild life with production areas and to avoid water contamination. Another practice is to reduce the use of chemicals in productive areas according to specialized engineers that develop researches making more controlled the management of coffee. 

We invite you to visit our Coffee Plantation and Coffee Tour our services are designed under the philosophy of natural resources protection, social responsibility practices and support to neighborhood projects.