Monday, February 3, 2014

New Ropes Challenge Course at Doka Estate Coffee Plantation and Tour


The new Ropes Challenge Park at Doka Estate officially opened to visitors on December 7, 2013.  Adventure seekers will be taken through a course that spans over Doka Estate’s coffee plantations and includes 14 different elements for participants. These 14 elements include a catwalk, zip-lining, rappelling, a swinging bridge and more. This challenging rope course is open to both groups and individuals alike. Doka Estate plans to add additional elements in the future making it even more fun and exciting for rope park enthusiasts.

“After experiencing our own Team Building activities at the Estate, we were looking to expand our operations and to create more fun and recreational attractions for our local and foreign visitors,” says Mario Fernandez, General Manager at Doka Estate.

Many meetings and discussions went into the planning of the new Ropes Challenge Course at Doka Estate’s Coffee Plantation and Inn. Key players and leaders involved in these discussions included Victor Gallo, Owner of Adventure Playground Challenge Course, a licensed building company along with Mario Fernandez and Alexander Freer of Doka’s Marketing Department. The Doka Estate team excitedly hopes to work alongside with anyone interested in partaking in Team Building Seminars at the Rope Course facilities in the future.

They openly welcome companies, individuals, local and foreign schools, college universities and others interested in improving team building and personal development skills. Additional target audiences include the younger population of Costa Rica as well as visitors of Costa Rica looking for something fun and different to do during their stay.

With the addition of the Ropes Challenge, the owners of Doka Estate hope to offer the people who come to the Plantation for a Coffee Tour more fun and adventure during their stay.  They encourage visitors to learn about the history and culture of Costa Rica through its many wonderful attractions and by tasting the many flavors of local Costa Rica within the doors of its hearty and typical restaurants.  The benefit that the new Ropes Challenge Course at Doka Estate brings to visitors is fun, excitement and adventure, adding additional value and memories to their visit in Costa Rica and the best Coffee Plantation in Costa Rica. 

The Ropes Challenge Course is open from Monday to Sunday from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm

Duration : 15 to 25 minutes per person approximately

Mario Fernandez
P.O. Box: 129-4050
Costa Rica
Ph:  1 888 GO DOKA (dial direct from US & Canada)
+ 011 506-2449-5152


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